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Rug Weaving DVD

…covers all information needed to weave a successful weft-faced rug. Jason Collingwood teaches you to make a durable rug beginning with how to warp the loom. He shows how to create blocks of color using a standard threading and then how to change the placement of blocks to alter the design. This method…

Priced from: $19.95
Block Weave Technique

Jason Collingwood has written a clear, easy-to-follow monograph of directions for weaving the rug featured. Starting with the rug structure and moving along through warping, tensioning, tie up, weaving, and finishing, you will have a beautiful weaverly rug, if you follow the directions exactly! Jason…

Priced from: $21.99
Learning to Weave

…self-taught weavers. The author's friendly presence is constantly with you. She covers all the basics. Then follows with some fundamental weave structures, block theory, drawdowns, choosing yarns, buying a loom, troubleshooting, finishing, and more. This revised edition adds an important chapter on warping…

Priced from: $24.95
Weaving Rep DVD

Learn how to weave rep and design your own rep block patterns with Weaving Rep, a weaving workshop DVD with Rosalie Neilson. Warp-faced rep weave is a playground of vibrant color and patterning possibilities. Also referred to as "ripsmatta" (a Swedish term), rep weave is characterized by the alternation…

Priced from: $34.95
More Loom Controlled Double Weave

…Double Weave, this "notebook" is the continuation of his exploration of the fascinating world of doubleweave. After presenting his definitions for units and blocks and tie-up methods, the book goes into more depth and provides more detail covering such topics as: four blocks of double weave with an…

Priced from: $20.95
A Crackle Weave Companion

…Atwater. Using an easy-to-follow letter transcription system, A Crackle Weave Companion updates the older patterns and shows how they can be adapted to wider or narrower warps. Crackle weave is a system of small twill blocks. Traditional Crackle creates a sturdy fabric with short floats. However, many…

Priced from: $29.95

…any number of shafts. Weave design programs come with perfectly good manuals - manuals that explain the features of the program and how they work. Missing from the manuals are practical applications of those features; this book fills that gap. Learn: Snowflake twills; block substitution; network drafted…

Priced from: $50.00
Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers

weaving any profile design in any unit weave as well as extras like color-and-weave, blended drafts, turned drafts, network drafting, and fabric analysis. Learn to use drafting tools, warp and weft drawdowns, warp and weft cross sections, block profile drafts, and how to design with pattern weaves.…

Priced from: $23.95
Handweaver's Source Book

…patterns with names like "Shuckeroon's Fancy" and "Jitterbug" are written with 4-harness overshot threading, but they all are usable as block patterns for any block weave structure. The patterns in here are also just nice to look at.

Priced from: $29.95
Warp and Weft

…that show nearly 200 examples, including variations on plain weaves, twills, satins, block weaves, color effects, double weaves, and lampas, this manual contains bountiful information for creating a woven project, from the simplest plain weave for beginners to more complex structures for advanced weavers…

Priced from: $29.95

…learn how to: * Weave a fabric twice, thrice, or four times the width of your loom—with no seam * Weave a fabric with intersecting layers * Change the tie-up to get many structures on one warp * Weave stitched, quilted, and piqué fabrics * Make color magic with doubleweave blocks * Pick up an infinity…

Priced from: $26.95
Designing 4 the Future

…techniques of creating liftplans with Adobe® Photoshop® or Photoshop® Elements at the same time as learning topics such as blocks, satin, double weave, twills, diversified plain weave, and huck. Step-by-step tutorials allow you to learn at your own pace. Repeat the tutorials as often as you wish--a never…

Priced from: $50.00

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