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Valley Yarns Collingwood Rug Wool
WEBS is honored to offer an exclusive line of rug wool that Jason Collingwood uses in his custom-made rugs. Whether you are an avid rug weaver or a novice, this is the perfect wool for your weaving! No wind offs available. Color Cards and Color Books for this yarn are available. Note: Yarns sold by the…
Priced from: $29.99
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80% Wool/20% Nylon
Hand Wash
900yd/lb, 1.1 lb cone
Knitting Weight:
Rug Weaving 2/2 Twills with Jason Collingwood
Acclaimed weaver Jason Collingwood deconstructs twills in all of their beautiful design possibilities. The course includes straight twill, broken twill, and twill on opposites; and within those structures, many two- and three-color sequences will be explored. Pick-up and 3/1 double-faced twill will also…
Priced from: $400.00
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Rug Weaving DVD
This comprehensive video workshop covers all information needed to weave a successful weft-faced rug. Jason Collingwood teaches you to make a durable rug beginning with how to warp the loom. He shows how to create blocks of color using a standard threading and then how to change the placement of blocks…
Priced from: $19.95
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Jason Collingwood
Having briefly and rather reluctantly learned to weave at age 18, Jason Collingwood returned to the discipline 6 years later, setting up his own workshop in 1986 in Nayland, Suffolk, UK. (The intervening years were spent pursuing a largely unsuccessful career as a pop star.) Over the last 26 years, Jason…
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Valley Yarns 40th Anniversary 11 Optical Twill Rug PDF
…rug designed by Jason Collingwood is the way to go. Jason has designed this beautiful rug in honor of WEBS 40th Anniversary using Collingwood Rug Wool; a yarn produced in collaboration with Valley Yarns. This is truly a project made in heaven. Learn more about Jason Collingwood and his design on our…
Priced from: $3.99
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Block Weave Technique
Jason Collingwood has written a clear, easy-to-follow monograph of directions for weaving the rug featured. Starting with the rug structure and moving along through warping, tensioning, tie up, weaving, and finishing, you will have a beautiful weaverly rug, if you follow the directions exactly! Jason…
Priced from: $21.99
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Techniques of Tablet Weaving
To finally have this magnificent book available again is just wonderful. (This edition has been re-typeset and rearranged.) I got a copy many years ago and have always recommended it to serious tablet weavers and beginning students. No other English writer has been able to so clearly and thoroughly…
Priced from: $35.00

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