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Valley Yarns #37 Finnish Pattern #1 PDF

…fabric, you could use a stronger contrast. With so many color options in our 60/2 silk, the possibilities are endless! This draft appeared in a book of Finnish weaving drafts. It is commonly known as a snowflake pattern; the structure is an 8-shaft advancing twill. Available as a downloadable PDF…
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Valley Yarns #71 Towel in 4-Shaft Finnish Twill PDF

…facing out, and the visual interest is at the edges where we don’t see it! The draft is adapted from Ester Perheentupa’s #41 draft in Davison, A Hand- Weaver’s Pattern Book,p.37. This draft is a PDF download. Equipment: 4-shaft loom, minimum 24” weaving width, 10-dent reed,…
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Valley Yarns #52 Baby Blanket Two Ways PDF

This draft is available as a downloadable PDF. This blanket can be woven on 6 shafts, with plain weave window panes and twill “windows”, or on 4 shafts, either treadled twill or plain weave for the whole fabric. Equipment: 4-shaft OR 6-shaft loom, 40” weaving width; 1 shuttle Finished Size: 27” x 37
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Valley Yarns 40th Anniversary 07 Santa Fe Summer Towels PDF

draft is easy to thread and weave and will result in an ample kitchen towel. If you would like to increase the length of your warp, you could try different treadling variations for each subsequent towel and create a set for yourself or gifts for family and friends. Learn more about this draft on our…
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Valley Yarns #16 Windowpane Throw PDF

…is lovely to handle and easy to use. Sample woven on a 60” loom, draft contains instructions for smaller looms as well. Available as a downloadable PDF only. Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 56 (44", 37", 31")” weaving width; 1 shuttle Size: 50” x 50” (39.5"…
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