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Maysville 8/4 Cotton Carpet Warp

We offer a wide range of colors of 100% cotton Maysville 8/4 carpet warp. Use carpet warp for creating rag rugs and lots of other weaving projects. Note: Cardinal, Forest Green, Parakeet, Dark Navy, Mood Blue, & Velvet are special dye colors.
Priced from: $7.90
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100% Cotton
Hand Wash
Approx. 800 yard, 8 oz tubes (1600 yds/lb)
Knitting Weight:

Kotimainen Liina

Kotimainen Liina is a very strong cotton twine with multiple plies. Use this sturdy Finnish 15-ply yarn as your warp for items that need extra strength like rag rugs. Available in 1.1lb cones. Made in Finland.
Priced from: $17.50
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100% Cotton
Hand Wash
Knitting Weight:

Valley Yarns #70 Weftovers Rug PDF

…of cotton yarn in various sizes, colors and amounts, both mercerized and unmercerized. From time to time, I try to use it up by winding many ends together to use as thick weft in my version of rag rugs. A summer remodel of our late ‘80s era kitchen was the perfect time to weave a kitchen rug to park…
Priced from: $3.99
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Rug Weaving 2/2 Twills with Jason Collingwood

…set up their loom correctly for rug-weaving, including twining at the beginning and end of the rug, darning in of loose ends, use of the temple, and many other invaluable tips for successful rug weaving will be revealed. Each class will conclude with a look at rug finishes, and a few of the many finishing…
Priced from: $400.00
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Mac & Me 065 Children's Cotton Tape Sweater PDF

…oversized Children’s Cotton Tape Sweater from Mac & Me is great for any worsted weight yarn and for any season. The shape and detailing are perfect for any boy or girl. Gorgeous in chocolate brown tweed wool with the same snaps and tailor’s mark at the vent. This rugged sweater combines cozy and…
Priced from: $7.00
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Learn to Weave with Anne Field

…include table runners, table mats, wraps, scarfs, creating fabric for a vest and jacket, cushions, wall hangings and rugs. As well as the more traditional yarns of wool and cotton, Anne also uses the latest yarns, such as Tencel and bamboo, and discusses the use of computers in weaving.
Priced from: $29.95

Harrisville Designs Peg Loom

…and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Toy Award. The PegLoom is a hardwood loom with rugged, slanted nylon pegs so weaving wont fall off. Also included with each Harrisville Designs PegLoom: - Cotton warp string Bright colored 100% pure wool yarns - Plastic needle for easy weaving Illustrated…
Priced from: $24.95
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