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Louet Euroflax Lace Cone
…are perfect for warm-weather garments, as the linen is nice & cool to wear. This yarn is machine washable and dryable, too! For weaving, recommended sett is 14-18epi, but always weave a sample prior to starting your project. Made in Belgium Sold by the cone, full cones only.
Priced from: $25.95
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100% Wet Spun Linen
Machine Wash and Dry
110g/630yds; 2600 YPP
Knitting Weight:
Valley Yarns #56 Advancing Networked Twill Shawl on 8-Shafts PDF
…loom, 18.75–21.1” weaving width; 1 shuttle, temple (optional, but helpful) Finished Size: 17¾” x 72” plus fringe, sett 22½ epi; 20” x 72”, or desired length, sett 20 epi. Don’t be concerned about where you end in the treadling—it won’t be apparent if you don’t complete a repeat…
Priced from: $3.99
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Ready, Sett, Weave!
This is a basic course on how to plan a weaving project. We will consider yarn suitability, weave structure, yarn counts, setts, determination of warp and weft yardages, reading and drafting patterns, and some finishing techniques. Bring your basic note-taking tools, and, most importantly, your questions…
Priced from: $40.00
Valley Yarns #60 Blooming Leaf Baby Blanket in 4-Shaft Colonial Overshot PDF
…3/2 (1260 yards/lb), 1150 yds 6394 Royal Lilac WIDTH IN REED: 33”, sett 13 ½ epi in a 9-dent reed; 34 1/3”, alternate sett of 13 epi in an 8- or 10-dent reed. (The fabric is better at this sett than with a conventional sett of 12 epi.)
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #62 Log Cabin Placemats PDF
These mats use the same warping order, sett and number of ends as Draft #31, Stash Reduction Placemats, but the appearance and texture of the mats is quite different. Even using two colors in the weft, these mats weave up quickly because of the coarse sett and picks/inch. This draft is available as a…
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #67 Zephyr Shawl in 8-Shaft Atwater-Bronson Lace PDF
…The weft floats show the Aegean blue; warp floats on the reverse show Jade. In sunlight the colors reflect some iridescence. The sett is lighter than the traditional sett for Zephyr, so you need to be careful with your beat, but the fabric is cloud-soft and perfect for its intended use. Available as…
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #46 Atwater-Bronson Lace Runner PDF
…creates two beautiful fabrics when woven with UKI 20/2 Cotton or Valley Yarns 20/2 Linen. It’s a great way to experiment with different yarns and setts! Available as a downloadable PDF only. Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 16 ½” or 17 1/3” weaving width; 1 shuttle 20/2 Cotton Version Size: 14 ½” x…
Priced from: $3.99
Valley Yarns #64 Modified Star-Work Dishtowel on 8 Shafts PDF
…towels plus 75 yards in a finer size, if available, for hems. If finer unmercerized cotton is not available, use the 8/2. Width in Reed: 21 ¾” Sett: sett 2 per dent in a 10-dent reed Total Warp Ends: 437 including floating selvages Warp Length: 3 yards allows for two 32” towels (before finishing…
Priced from: $3.99
Valley Yarns #71 Towel in 4-Shaft Finnish Twill PDF
…/2 Cotton or Brassard 8/2 Cottolin; Interchangeable, same sett. Warp: Nautical Blue, #2550, 1 cone, includes all warp and weft for one towel. Weft: White, #8001, 1 cone, includes all warp and weft for two towels. Width in reed: 19 ¾” Sett: 20 epi Warp length: 4 yards for 3 towels. (allow one yard…
Priced from: $3.99
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Mirrix Loom Heddles
…(they should last as long as you and your loom do), easy to use heddles are good at any sett on the loom because they are thin. They are the best choice for bead weavers and tapestry weavers who weave at the finer setts. They cost more than the texslov heddles, which might be your deciding factor, but they…
Priced from: $26.50
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Weaver's Companion
Let this small, sturdy, spiral-bound volume keep track of the details. It's all here: sett and sleying charts, formulas for calculating warp and weft, fiber identification tests, basic weave drafts, finishing techniques, fiber factoids, a must-have gray scale, design shortcuts, and much, much, more…
Priced from: $19.99
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Valley Yarns #66 Welcome Home Pillow PDF
…Valley Yarns 10/2 Cotton, color 8176 Natural, 1870 yds Weft Yarn: Valley Yarns Hand Dyed Charlemont, Fall Festival, 481 yds Width in Reed: 18.88” Sett: 24 epi Total Warp Ends: 453 (this includes 2 floating selvages) Warp Length: 3 yards will give you enough for 1 pillow plus extra for sampling. Add…
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #53 Baby Blanket in Colonial Double Weave PDF
…Valley Cotton, 1 cone each color (6277 deep periwinkle and 2166 porcelain blue) for a three-yard warp Warp Ends: 723, wound alternately, dark/light Sett: 24 epi in a 12 dent reed
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #70 Weftovers Rug PDF
…cardinal, #6 smokey blue and #12 forest green. Warp Length: 5 yards for two rugs. There will be extra warp, enough for a small mat. Width in Reed: 28 1/3 Sett: 12 epi Weft: 15 to 20 ends, various colors of cotton yarns in sizes including 3/2, 5/2 & 10/2 mercerized, 8/2 unmercerized, and 8/4 carpet warp wound…
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns Rayon Chenille
…suppliers of rayon chenille to use colorfast dyes. A bit more expensive, but well worth the cost. Rayon chenille is spectacular woven. We recommend a sett of 12 to 16 epi. Fine gauge machine knitters can also produce wonderful fabrics with rayon chenille. (We do not recommend rayon chenille this fine for…
Priced from: $22.99
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100% Rayon Chenille
Hand Wash
1 pound cones, 1450 YPP
Knitting Weight:
Jaggerspun 4/8 Super Lamb 100g Hank
…colors. This yarn has 4 plies and is nicely bouncy & round - giving it absolutely fantastic stitch definition. It's great for weavers, too! Suggested sett is 6-8epi for tabby, and 8-10epi for twill - but always make sure to weave a swatch before starting a project. Made in the USA
$13.99 $7.99
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100% Wool
Hand Wash, Dry Flat
Knitting Weight:
Valley Yarns #37 Finnish Pattern #1 PDF
…Ends: 413 ends plus 2 for floating selvages Weft: Valley Yarns 60/2 Silk, 2 oz #669 smoke pink; weft yardage approx. 850 yards for one 72” scarf Sett: 56 epi
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #68 Goose Eye Dishtowels PDF
…Yarns 8/2 cotton, 3360 yards/lb. Warp: Sage green, #5680, 1730 yards White, #8001, 430 yards Weft: White, #8001, 1600 yards Width in Reed: 21.55” Sett: 20 epi Total Warp Ends: 433, including floating selvages Warp Length: 5 yards for 4 towels (allow a little less than a yard/towel.) Draft updated 5…
Priced from: $3.99
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8nm Wool Acrylic Nylon Mill End
…colors and the fantastic price, you just can't go wrong with this one. It's a heathery blend of wool, acrylic & nylon in a single ply with a suggested sett of 18-24 epi. Always weave a sample before starting a project. This is a lace weight yarn if you choose to knit or crochet with it! Sold by the cone…
$27.99 $14.99
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50% Wool/ 30% Acrylic/ 20% Nylon
Hand Wash
3636 YPP, approx. 1 lb cones
Knitting Weight:
Valley Yarns #65 Four-Shaft Advancing Twill Scarf in 2/10 Merino Tencel PDF
…yards/1/2 lb. cone WARP: Navy, 432 yards for a 3-yard warp WEFT: Navajo Red, approx. 288 yards for a 68” scarf before washing Width in Reed: 8” Sett: 18 epi in a 9-dent reed (2/dent), or a 12-dent reed (1-2-1-2, etc.). Total Warp Ends: 146, including floating selvages. Warp Length: 3 yards allows…
Priced from: $3.99
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Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge
…become an indispensable companion to both weavers and spinners. Sporting 1/2" and 1" measures, the Schacht Dizzy Yarn Gauge can be used as a weaver's sett gauge or spinner's yarn gauge, as well as a diz for making a consistent sliver for spinning. If your spinner likes to prepare their own fiber and is…
Priced from: $18.50
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Valley Yarns #07 Throw in 4-Shaft Dornik Twill (PDF)
…square fabrics or one longer one. Weft: Valley Yarns 2/10 Merino/Tencel 360 yd whipple blue, 450 yd ocean blue, 92 yd dark teal, 408 yd grape jelly Sett: 16 epi (8-dent reed) Ends: 528 ends plus floating selvages threaded and woven in dornik twill
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #75 Towel in 20/2 Linen PDF
…bleached linen, 3150 yds. Total warp ends: 521 including floating selvages. (314 ends half-bleached, 207 ends brown or natural) Width in reed: 21 5/8”, sett 24 epi in a 12-dent reed, 2-2-2-2, etc. Woven size: (off loom): 21” x 34” including 1” plain weave each end for hems. Finished size: 19 3/8”…
Priced from: $3.99
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Valley Yarns #52 Baby Blanket Two Ways PDF
…alabaster (weft), 4548 peaches & cream; Valley Yarns Noho in 9946 Sherbet Combo (Yarn amounts are for a 4-yard warp yielding two blankets.) Warp Ends: 370 Sett: 12 epi (12-dent reed)
Priced from: $3.99
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