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Valley Yarns #23 Petite Silk Noir Scarf PDF

…-shaft loom, 8.33” weaving width; 1 shuttle Size: 7.5” x 72” plus fringe Warp: Great Adirondack Petite Silk Noir, 1 skein malachite (enough for two scarves) Warp Length: 6 yd for 2 scarves, approx. 72”, plus fringe of 6-7” each end Weft: Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk, 1 cone black Sett: 24…

Priced from: $3.99
Great Adirondack Petite Silk Noir

…Adirondack Petite Silk Noir is a gorgeous 100% silk yarn that would be great for knitting or weaving. The colors are absolutely fantastic! You'll love watching to see what comes next. With Great Adirondack Petite Silk Noir, you'll create stunning shawls, drapey scarves, and more. This yarn is available online…

Priced from: $39.00
Valley Yarns #20 20/2 Echo Weave Scarf (Free)

…usual for 20/2 Silk, but since it's not very wide, you really aren't dealing with a huge number of ends, so don't be scared off! Size: 8" x 72" Click here for free pattern. Project requirements for a 6-yard warp (makes two scarves): Warp: 20/2 Silk, 1470 yd salmon and 1470 yd sepia Weft: 60/2 Silk, 2 oz…

Valley Yarns #06 60/2 Advancing Twill Silk Scarf (Free)

weave structures are only done on multiharness looms, but 4-shaft weavers and beginners can do fancy twills, too! This delicate scarf is threaded in a 4-shaft advancing twill structure and woven in 60/2 Silk. For a bolder fabric, you could use stronger contrast between the warp and the weft. 60/2 Silk

Valley Yarns Charlemont

…shawl, a garment, or more. Try knitting, crocheting, or even weaving with Charlemont! Made in Peru. Check out our blog for great project ideas using Valley Yarns Charlemont - Sweaters, Accessories, and Shawls & Scarves. Color Cards for this yarn are available.

Priced from: $12.99
Valley Yarns #09 6-Shaft Advancing Twill with Plain Weave Stripes Scarf (Free)

weave. The advancing twill pattern glows in the light and is nicely set off by the plain weave stripes. To finish, handwash in lukewarm water with Eucalan or other good fiber wash product. Use a small amount of softener in the rinse water. Dry flat and steam press on silk setting. Click here for free…

Valley Yarns #37 Finnish Pattern #1 PDF

weaving width; 1 shuttle Size: 6.5” wide, length as desired Warp: Valley Yarns 60/2 Silk, 2 oz #671 salmon Warp Length: 3 yards for one scarf; 5 ½ to 6 yards for two 72” scarves plus fringe; warp yardage 2500 yards for a 6-yard warp Warp Ends: 413 ends plus 2 for floating selvages Weft: Valley Yarns

Priced from: $3.99
Ashland Bay Cultivated Silk Top

100% cultivated silk fiber, available in a bleached pure white roving that takes dye beautifully, offers exceptional strength, drape and luster, as well as natural temperature regulation properties. Spin it up all on its own for an inelastic, high shine weaving or knitting yarn, and blend it with other…

Priced from: $4.99
Valley Yarns #18 Felted Scarf PDF

Enjoy weaving and finishing this unique and soft piece. The felting causes the ends of the scarf to delicately ruffle. Use more agitation for a more pronounced ruffle or less so that the weave structure is more visible and the fringe unfelted. Threading draft from Marguerite Davison, Handweaver’s…

Priced from: $3.99
Spinning Silk DVD

…variety of silk types and preparations can be transformed into smooth, durable yarns with glistening surfaces using her techniques. On this two disc set you’ll learn how to: * Spin all types and preparations of silk. * Draft even the slickest silks easily. * Spin enough fine yarn for a project without…

Priced from: $34.95
Valley Yarns #63 Advancing Twill Scarf PDF

…Adding plain weave at the edges means you don’t need a floating selvage. This draft is a downloadable PDF. Equipment: 8-shaft loom with 12-dent reed, minimum weaving width of 15”; 1 shuttle Finished Size: 7¾” x 72”, or length to weaver’s preference Warp Yarn: Valley Yarns 20/2 Silk, #652, Felt…

Priced from: $3.99
Valley Yarns 40th Anniversary 01 Escher Shawl PDF

…of a 16-shaft advancing twill scarf she originally wove out of 60/2 silk. the threading was a perfect candidate for "echoing" or "paralleling" because it is so easy to do using weaving software. Valley Yarns 8/2 Tencel was chosen for both its light reflecting properties and because of its perfect weight…

Priced from: $3.99

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