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Schacht School Loom

Schacht School Loom. Whats most important in a loom for young weavers is that it ensures success. Schacht has designed this simple frame loom to do just that. It has a 15" weaving width, a built-in stand for upright use on the floor or a table top, plus durable, 6 per inch, plastic warp spacers for…
Priced from: $66.00
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Introduction to Rigid Heddle Flip Loom Weaving

…the plain weave structure by creating a scarf of either one color or multi colors depending on your yarn choice. The Rigid Heddle Flip Loom can accommodate a warp that is 6 yards in length, and up to 30” in width, which makes it an ideal introductory loom for learning many different weaving techniques…
Priced from: $65.00
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Schacht Cricket Loom

….5” wider than the 10” loom, yet is still compact enough to be easily portable. The additional width offers more flexibility in your choice of weaving projects. The 15” Cricket Loom uses the same reeds as the Schacht 15” Flip Rigid Heddle Loom. Both sizes of Cricket Looms come with an 8-dent reed…
Priced from: $166.00
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Harrisville Designs Peg Loom

Harrisville Designs Peg Loom is a great and affordable way to discover the excitement of real weaving. Winner of the Teachers Choice Award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Toy Award. The PegLoom is a hardwood loom with rugged, slanted nylon pegs so weaving wont fall off. Also included…
Priced from: $24.95
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Leclerc Voyageur

…Voyageur is a delightful 8 shaft table loom designed to travel and weave well. The 9 1/2" model weighs only 16 lbs., and includes 250 inserted eye heddles. The 15 3/4" model weighs in at 20 1/2 lbs., and includes 400 inserted eye heddles. All Voyageur looms come with a stainless steel reed, a specially…
Priced from: $805.00
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Tapestry Handbook

…This classic book, now completely revised and expanded, has long been a favorite of both teachers and students of tapestry weaving. Learn to weave tapestry on any kind of loom, vertical or horizontal. Take an intriguing journey to make an elaborate, but logical, tapestry sampler. The process is explained…
Priced from: $59.95
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Schacht Baby Wolf

…the best big loom features. The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26". You have your choice of four or eight shafts. The X-frame design is exceptionally stable and can be easily folded to a depth of 18". Free shipping within the continental United States on floor looms, Leclerc table looms, and spinning…
Priced from: $1705.00
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Harrisville Designs Lap Loom A

A simple and practical way to learn to weave. The Lap Looms include:1 ounce of Cotton Warp String100% Pure Virgin Wool Weft Yarn(enough to complete 1 project) 1 Tapestry Needle 2 Wooden Shed Sticks 1- 6" Wooden Stick Shuttle Illustrated Instructions Size: 12" x 16 Recommended for ages 7 and older.
Priced from: $45.00
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Schacht Mighty Wolf

Mighty Wolf has a weaving width of 36", and uses the same X-frame design as the Baby Wolf. The Mighty Wolf comes with a high castle that includes a handy storage tray. Free shipping within the continental United States on floor looms, Leclerc table looms, and spinning wheels.
Priced from: $2368.00
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TOIKA Eeva Computer Loom

…computer assist loom and any extras such as second warp beam, second back beam, sectional beams, second cog wheel, extra heddles, etc. We will use the loom for demonstration for the four days of NEWS. Please click this link for full details. The EW computer control system offers three weaving modes. Fast…
Priced from: $9150.00
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Schacht Portable Tapestry Loom

Schacht Portable Tapestry Loom holds a continuous warp under tension, allowing the weaver to see all of the warp at once. Four heddle bars allow beginning weavers to experiment with 4-shaft pattern weaving. The loom has a tension beam with thumbscrews on the end to allow for easy adjustment. The continuous…
Priced from: $120.00
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Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Looms

The Full Feature Rigid Heddle Loom Flip, our new folding rigid heddle loom, is comfortable, compact, sturdy, and a pleasure to weave on. Designed for high performance, this loom folds in a jiffy for storage or transport. Weave in comfort. Choose three different weaving modes: use the rear leg for hooking…
Priced from: $273.00
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Harrisville Designs Pro Potholder Loom

The Harrisville Designs Pro Potholder Loom will allow you to weave a potholder that is more practical and even more beautiful. Harrisville Designs also offers custom-sized loops to use with this bigger 10" x 10" loom. This loom allows you to create potholders that are more professional, large enough…
Priced from: $29.95
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Schacht Inkle Loom Gift Set

…Inkle Loom is simple to use and understand and is easily stored. This small loom is built with years of heavy use in mind. It has one open side for easy warping, and the tension bar has an easy grip handle for adjusting the warp tension during weaving. We've packaged together the Schacht Inkle Loom, the…
Priced from: $119.99
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4-8...Weave! is a collection of tutuorials using the popular step-by-step approach to teach e-weave design. The focus is designing for 4 and 8-shaft looms, but the concepts can be applied to looms with any number of shafts. Weave design programs come with perfectly good manuals - manuals that explain…
Priced from: $50.00
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TOIKA Eeva Loom

The Eeva Loom features a hanging beater and can be equipped with a counterbalance or countermarch mechanism. Eeva is the typical Scandinavian loom, ideal for rug weaving and excellent for all other weaving. The large side opening allows for easy access to warp and tie-up and features an easy-to-operate…
Priced from: $3650.00
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Schacht Standard Floor Looms

weaving widths. Standard floor looms may be ordered with eight, or four now-four later shaft options; and the option of High or Low Castle. Standard High Castle looms include a storage tray and holes drilled in the top of the castle uprights for the swivel pin of an extension lamp. For more loom options…
Priced from: $3174.00
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Weaving Overshot

…been a popular weave structure since the late 1700's, when it was typically used to weave bed coverings. Today, it is one of the most versatile weaves and is subject to endless variations. During this on-loom workshop, you will learn the basic concepts of four-shaft overshot weaving - studying some…
Priced from: $120.00
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Pin Loom Weaving

Tiny palm-sized pin looms are making a comeback. Pin Loom Weaving is the perfect book to get started with this intriguing weaving technique. Softcover, 123 pages; Stackpole Books •40 projects for tiny hand looms. •As portable as knitting –portable hand looms can easily fit into a pocketbook. •Tips…
Priced from: $19.95
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Weaver's Craft Magazine

looms. Each issue centers around a topic, explaining concepts, discussing options, and illustrating processes step by step. It’s like having a teacher at your elbow guiding you with the information you need to learn and grow. No advertisements, no filler, just information you can use to make your weaving
Priced from: $6.45
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Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom DVD

…sturdy little rugs to sheer shawls, from simple plain weaves to complex finger manipulations to doubleweave and beyond. Learn how to: • Warp your loom in a matter of minutes • Master simple finger manipulations • Use a pick-up stick to weave any pattern you choose • Use two heddles for fine fabrics…
Priced from: $34.95
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The Techniques and Art of Weaving

…Techniques and Art of Weaving offers an in-depth and extensive look at the ancient art form of weaving through its history from around the world to present day, and practical information and techniques for today's weaver. More than 600 images trace its origins and the types of looms and fiber available…
Priced from: $34.99
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Mirrix Tapestry Looms

…. Looms are available as a special order.) The Little Guy is so cute, so portable and fits perfectly on a lap when he isn’t standing on a table with his two fold out legs. Weighing in at a featherweight 5 lbs, this 12” wide loom is designed to accommodate both tapestry and bead weaving. Weave a fiber…
Priced from: $250.00
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Schacht Weaving Swords

Schacht Weaving Swords are designed for Navajo weaving and lend themselves well to other simple tapestry and backstrap looms. The beveled edge on one side can be used to press the weft into place. Swords are made of hard maple.
Priced from: $18.00

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